Marketing Coaching

Get On Top of your Marketing and Stay Ahead of the Game!

Don’t be left wondering why your marketing efforts are falling short and why you aren’t reaching your goals! 

Whether you are a new business, a small business, or a business that has an established marketing team, a new perspective on your marketing will yield results! 

Overcome marketing challenges
Receive Personalized guidance
Stay accountable and motivated
Gain invaluable expertise

Professional and personalized coaching with a StoryBrand Certified Guide

Propel your business to new heights and win with marketing with expert coaching!

Are you tired of your marketing efforts falling flat? Dumping dollar after dollar into marketing to see less-than-desirable results? Feeling overwhelmed by the world of marketing and not sure where to start?

Marketing Coaching Norman, Oklahoma

We get it, Marketing is hard!

With so many moving pieces you need someone who will guide you through decisions, coach you on best practices, and cheer your business on to success!

That is why marketing expert and StoryBrand Guide Angel Melvin will give you the tools you need to win at marketing!

Photo showing the concept of strategic marketing and brand development
A person holding a tablet and learning about Photo showing the concept of strategic marketing and brand development

Coaching That is Personalized to You and Your Business!

Each coaching session is specifically tailored to the needs of your business, market, and the current state of your marketing! The type of coaching you receive depends on your goals!

Set goals and create a path to reach them
Audit your current marketing efforts to find areas of improvement
Start from scratch and walk through how to build your brand
Organize your marketing priorities

Don’t let your marketing efforts fall short any longer. Invest in yourself and your business with our Marketing Coaching program!

Audience Analysis

We will address the needs of your target audience and will dig deep in who they are and how we can solve their problems.

Marketing Budgeting

You will understand the baseline cost of the vital marketing services, increase efficiency, and establish a realistic budget that fits your business.

Capturing Data

Learn about analytics tools that measure your marketing success and how to apply your analytics to scale your business.

Media and Advertising

We will dive into the types of media available to leverage your business and learn how to determine ROI on campaign-specific efforts.

Branding Audit

We will review your current branding efforts, to include narrative and visual aspects, as well as your marketing materials.

Digital Systems

Get a full grasp of available digital systems, including software like CRMs, and remote team management, so your business operates with efficiency.