About Emerge Brand Solutions

Hi, I’m Angel Melvin, and I am your Marketing Coach!

I look forward to working with you and helping you gain some ground in promoting your product to a broad audience, unlock your brand’s potential, and turn your viewers into paying customers!

Here is a little background about my journey as a marketer:


Founding an Agency

I started working in media design/marketing in 2009 as a freelancer, primarily focusing on Website and Graphic Design and Videography. As a freelancer, I managed all of my own promotions and marketing, but also helped my clients implement their marketing strategies as part of my services. In 2012, I founded my full service agency, Light Alive Marketing. My degree in Multimedia Design and my 15+ year experience in the Design and Marketing industry provided me vast insight into numerous aspects of the business world, trends and best practices in design and marketing.

Initially focusing on instructional design, I gained a deep understanding of consumer behavior and the psychology behind it. I was able to expand on my knowledge over the last 12 years while managing a team of 14 marketers and designers, serving over 200 clients in various industries.

Having worked the daily grind of the the marketing and media/design field, I have experienced both worlds – actively implementing the work, and sitting on the management side of things. I am familiar with all the struggles business owners face while building a business from the ground up with little resources.

I have gone through the motions, the sleepless nights, the anxiety and the imposter syndrome that so many of us go through, from starting up from scratch to efficiently running a team and a successful business. Now I am here to help others navigate through those times.

StoryBrand Certification

In early 2023, I added to my repertoire of services by becoming a StoryBrand Certified Guide. StoryBrand is a marketing framework that is proven to clarify your message and speak to your intended audience.

Learn more about StoryBrand here

I am trained and certified to implement the StoryBrand framework into marketing materials and brand strategies.

This is when Emerge Brand Solutions came to life, as I am offering StoryBrand related services under this brand.

Current Day

I still actively work as the CEO of Light Alive Marketing, offering Strategic Marketing Services, award-winning Media Design and Production and Consulting. As we work through optimizing your marketing, we are available to you to help you implement any tactics we discuss.

In late 2021, my business became a full hybrid business without a storefront office location. I now manage a remote team while still providing the same services and quality of work product.

Today my focus lies on overseeing my amazing team, working as a Brand Strategist and Marketing Coach, and overall helping other businesses reach their business goals!

I cannot wait to meet with you and discover how I can help YOUR business grow!

What is aStoryBrand Certified Guide?

Are you tired of seeing marketing materials of other businesses and don’t have the first clue what they are selling?

No matter what you are working on in marketing, if your message is not clear, you will lose people’s attention before they even know who you are.

This is why StoryBrand was developed. StoryBrand is a marketing framework that was created by best-selling author Donald Miller and is based on a concept of story-telling. Our Founder and CEO, Angel, is a StoryBrand Certified Guide, which means that she has been trained by Donald Miller and his team, and is certified in using the StoryBrand concept to develop strategic marketing and brand development materials.

How does working with a StoryBrand guide benefit me?

If you are in charge of your marketing, then you have likely experienced frustration over wasting time and resources on campaigns that do not get you the desired results.

Although we know that sometimes unforeseen circumstances may affect what we do (pandemic, anyone?), in most cases the lack of a clear message is a main cause of failed marketing campaigns.

No matter the size of your business, clarifying your message is the first step to a successful campaign.

You may have an internal marketing person or even team already, but you can view the guide as an “extension” to your existing marketing crew. You have a certified marketing expert on call when you hire a guide to help your team deliver great results and ultimately watch your business grow.

Photo showing the concept of strategic marketing and brand development
A person holding a tablet and learning about Photo showing the concept of strategic marketing and brand development